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DIATO SEISAKUSHO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has established its own basic policy toward the protection of customer‘s personal information as explained below under its understanding that it is an important social liability of an enterprise to be compliant with Personal Information Protection Law in Japan and handle any and all information pertaining to any customer's name, its address, its telephone number, its E-mail address, etc. by which such customer can be identified (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") in a proper manner.

Proper control of Personal Information
The Company shall implement safety measures in a suitable manner to prevent any and all Personal Information from being accessed in an unauthorized manner, from being lost, damaged, altered, or leaked, etc. In addition to protect the Personal Information, the Company will endeavor to promote activities including regular training and education to its employees, who should handle any Personal Information.

Purpose of Use
The Company will specify the purpose of use of personal information and will not use it beyond the specified purpose (hereinafter, "Purpose of Use").

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of any Personal Information to any Third Party
The Company will not provide Personal Information to any third party in principle unless the individual concerned has agreed to such use or authorized by law. However, the Company may provide Personal Information to relevant entities without the related customer's consent in any of the following cases:

  • - The Company entrusts to a third party the management of Personal Information that is necessary to achieve the Purpose of Use.
  • - The Company is one of the parties in the consolidation transaction.
  • - The Company uses Personal Information jointly with such designated entities that are publicly informed.

Management System
The Company will make efforts to have Personal Information maintained and managed in the most up-to-date condition and utmost accuracy, and will implement reasonably safety measures in order to prevent problems such as information leaks.

Enquiries for Disclosure of Personal Information
Any request or enquiries for disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of the Personal Information, addressed to our Customer Service Center unless provided for otherwise by law, shall be responded promptly by the Company to a reasonable extent.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and improvements
The Company will attempt to continue improvements in order to observe any applicable laws and regulations and/or any governmental notifications and guidelines and so that any and all Personal Information may be handled in a proper manner. Any modification thereof will be reflected in this Basic Policy from time to time.